Lyme Treatment Program: 1 year of care at 88% off!

"Dr. Sult actually listened to me and looked at the whole picture"

Our average patient doubles their wellness level in the first year and doubles it again in the second year. 

Open to only the first 8 people to enroll

Our average patient doubles their wellness level in the first year and doubles it again in the second year. That means less fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, brain fog and more vitality.


Traditionally this care required travel to the clinic, waiting at the office and costly one-on-one visits. No longer. 


This is a comprehensive program. We treat the infection with the least invasive, most effective approach for you. That may range from herbal treatments to pharmaceuticals. We also treat you.


Given that most people who contract Lyme seem to fight it off with no help, we must explore what is unique about you. Why are you the one plagued with this illness? For most the pivotal issue is not the Lyme bug. It is a predisposing factor within you that must be addressed so that your system can fight.


Considering your history, predisposing factors, triggering events, internal messengers of inflammation, hormones, detox, energy production, etc., And your genetic information (see below) we create a more than one-in-a-billion treatment approach. That is personalized medicine!


Now we can provide the same level of care and potential outcomes at 12% of the cost!

How Can We Do This?

By leveraging the power of the internet, virtual and group visits!


In my brick and mortar practice the average person traveled 2 1/2 hours to get to my office. And despite my best efforts waited in my front office for 15 minute and sometimes an hour! By using just some of that time to organize we can be FAR more efficient in our visit. Most of my Patients sitting face to face in the office felt an hour-long appointment was too short.


Using these new techniques patients feel comfortable and we easily get things covered in that same hour.

How We Treat Chronic Lyme Disease DIFFERENTLY


Imagine being in a class and reading the chapter BEFORE going to the lecture. Imagine how much more you would get out of that lecture! Using less time than your commute would take — you can write the “Chapter” of your illness. You don’t have to be Hemingway. You can use bullet points and get help if needed. We read your “chapter” before the lecture!


Once in the visit we already understand the big picture, we can get down to the “Nitty Gritty” of your case. We go to that time when you were last “truly well” and explore why you became sick, things like, predisposing factors, triggers, and the like. Then we can order targeted tests and prescribe interventions right away.


We are a team. We spend time before each visit discussing your case, getting a handle on what is going right and what is not.

Sometimes the most important clues are found in what is not working!


Another reason we can do this for such a discount is the power of Group Medical visits. You will be part of a team of 8 people. You will build community, comradery, and accountability to one another. These are traits associated with better outcomes. Each Group medical visit is up to 2 hours long.


Because most questions are the same or very similar, we will have a lot more time to go into detail so you can understand what we are doing and why. Group appointments are every month, so we can make adjustments to your plan frequently to optimize your program. Groups are powerful. The group will think of critical questions you never thought of. The group will support you when you are down, celebrate when you are up. They will become trusted advisors and friends.


Research shows focusing healing on others unleashes your own innate healing potential for yourself as well. Each week you will meet online with your group of 8. Every week all 8 of you focus on one person in the group! Why would focusing on another help you? It is like accepting a compliment. Most of us are not good at it. But we are much better at giving compliments. By “giving” your healing intention each week, you are mobilizing your own healing energy much more powerfully than if you tried to focus on yourself.


In summary:

  • One-in-a-billion Personalized treatment Plan

  • Trade commute time to organize before each appointment to get more out of your visits.

  • Experience the benefits of group visits.

  • Leverage the power of group healing intention.

  • Experience Whole life wellness by building community.

  • Develop Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual resilience to your illness.

  • Get more time with Dr. Sult and RN and Wellness Coach, Elizabeth, at 88% off.


A Savings Over 88%

Join at an 88% Discount


Grab Your Spot Now - We are only taking the first 8 people who lock in their spot!

What Our Patients Say...

“Thank you so much for the
wonderful care you have provided
me for so many years, which has
truly changed my life and health in a
wonderful way. You and your staff
have always been so kind,
respectful, good listeners and


“I came to you after YEARS of misdiagnosis, it was not
just my physical health that was a problem...
my soul was damaged by all the medical and mental health professionals who used words
and phrases like, "attention seeking, psychosomatic, secondary gains, all in your head, not
as sick as you think you are," all of those things that said there was nothing wrong inside me.
It is crazy making... Then I met you. I could cry every time I see you (and often do) because you
listened, you believed, you sought an answer."


“In 2011 Jerry came to you for help, unable to walk more than a few
yards due to physical limitations and cognitive impairment. Thanks
to you and your care, he is healthy, and functioning normally now,
holding down a job in his field of expertise, living life to the fullest.
You gave us hope when his doctors had sent Jerry home with no
hope. You gave Jerry tools to heal when we didn't know what to do.
You gave a listening ear and believed the symptoms were not just a
depressed state. We will be forever grateful to you”.


“Dr. Sult always listened to me — he never made me feel silly or crazy. He validated all of the symptoms I had." -Brooke

"This was MY biggest takeaway from working with Dr. Sult, and it has changed my life." - Monique

Meet Our Team

The Just Be Well Team

Dr. Thomas Sult, Functional Medicine MD

I'm an adventurer, I climb mountains and ski in the backcountry. This adventurous spirit has lead me to investigate why my patients were not getting well. I turned to my background in biochemistry and genetics to understand how the interplay of our genes and our environment results in our current state of health. Health (or disease) is the complex dance of this interplay. As your diet and lifestyle change so do the genes you express. Functional Medicine optimizes the totality of your lifestyle, exposures, habits, and beliefs to express the very best version of you.

Elizabeth Rosemeier, Nurse and Wellness Coach

Elizabeth is an RN and also the Wellness Coach at Just Be Well. She began her nursing career back in 2001. She has worked in diverse areas of nursing including inpatient care, emergency room, obstetrics, surgery, and also worked as a charge nurse. She began working with Dr. Sult in 2016 as his medical scribe, IV nurse, and health coach. She has a passion for health and wellness that is driven by her own navigation through chronic illness, debilitating anxiety, depression, and self-paved journey towards whole body wellness. Elizabeth is the mother of four children and she loves cooking them healthy meals (which they don’t always enjoy). She also enjoys reading, writing, nature walks, listening to music, and spending quality time with her children, Tom, family, and tribe of girlfriends.  

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