A discipline that treats people, not diseases.

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Find out how it differs from Conventional Medical Approaches and why it's our BEST TOOL to promote wellness to the point that disease simply cannot flourish.

Functional Medicine is a systems biology-based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of physiologic as well as Psycho-Social-Spiritual dysfunction that contribute to disease. Systems Biology is based on the understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The goal of functional Medicine is to elevate wellness to a point that disease simply cannot flourish.

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic diseases:

  • Diabetes

  • Depression

  • Obesity

  • Mental Illness

  • Arthritis

  • Autoimmune Disease

  • Heart Disease

  • Fatigue

  • Fibromyalgia

  • And many more!!!

and traditional medicine is failing to bring them back to health. Doctors write prescriptions to combat symptoms but, all too often, don’t even try to solve the root cause of the condition.

In this excerpt, I will take you through the eight key physiological processes of the functional medicine matrix, weaving together accessible information, real-life patient stories, and actionable advice (lifestyle, attitude & relationship) you can use to begin your own journey back to wellness.


Whether you’re suffering from a debilitating condition or just don’t feel the vibrant health you used to, my advice will benefit you. The stories I will share aren’t about miracle cures or instant results; they’re about how people just like you have joined the functional medicine movement and discovered the power to just be well.


Kara N. Fitzgerald, ND

Integrative and Functional Medicine

“If I had a complex, chronic illness, I would want a guide like Dr. Sult. I trust his deep intelligence and intuition, and I love his sense of humor. And Dr. Sult calls it as he sees it. In Just Be Well, Dr. Sult takes what can seem complicated and onerous—articulating the underlying causes of disease and what to do about it—and turns it into an accessible, captivating, and hope-filled read, complete with patient stories and his own personal journey of discovery. This book will provide direction for patients who are spinning their wheels in the dominant medical paradigm. It will also inspire physicians mired in the limitations of the same medical paradigm eager for a more effective approach.”

Bill Manahan, MD

Past president, American Holistic Medical Association

“This book was so much fun to read! It reminded me of the pleasure I experienced when reading Rachel Remen’s Kitchen Table Wisdom. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount, but like reading a novel, I enjoyed the experience of story. Tom Sult is a master storyteller. Dr. Sult’s book shows us why the medical profession must switch from concern about what a patient has (the diagnosis) to why they have it. In acute illness and injury, the diagnosis and appropriate protocol for treatment is important. In chronic illness, Dr. Sult helps us understand why it is time to say goodbye to the diagnosis. Instead, we must begin to figure out why the person has this problem at this time and how it relates to other problems she or he has. What is the underlying biochemistry? What is this person’s past and present environment? What are this person’s stressors and mindset? This book is the best explanation of functional medicine that I have ever read, and if we hope to reverse the upward trend of chronic disease in America, this book has the answers. I highly recommend it.”

David S. Jones, MD

President, Institute for Functional Medicine

“You are going to learn a lot from this book; that’s true of many books. You are going to be delighted by this book; that’s rarely true of any book. Dr. Sult has put together a narrative that tells the story of his lifelong pursuit of understanding the foundations of health and illnesses. When he says, ‘Neither information nor knowledge is adequate; one must have wisdom to make impactful lasting change,’ he’s telling the truth. We can do without pleasure, but wisdom illuminated by the candle of delight . . . you simply cannot have too much. Enjoy!”

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